About Us

The Challenge – We take corporate America out of their comfort zone and provide them with an intense physical and emotional challenge in a safe environment that is life changing on a multitude of levels. Corporate Fight Night boxers go through a selective audition process and an intensive ten week training program for their big night in the squared circle. Additionally, they each campaign to raise sponsors to support them in their match.  Balancing careers, family, training, confidence, and philanthropy becomes an incredible character building experience as they put themselves through one of the greatest challenges of their life with all of the pressures of a real prize fighter.

The Entertainment - There is no top end of town black tie event quite like this one. It is near impossible to replicate the constant excitement in any other sports or social event. Guests mingle the red carpet with cocktails, browse our silent auctions, and enjoy top notch entertainment all in anticipation of seeing their friend, family member, or colleague in an exciting boxing match.  From the participants’ grand entrance to the ring, to watching corporate boxers rise to never imagined heights, the thrill and the honor of seeing America’s business class strive so hard for a common goal is worthy of any great 5 star event.

The Venues – Corporate Fight Night is a black tie, black eye affair!  We search diligently to present our events in the best venue for each show. CFN has been hosted in beautiful ballrooms, large night clubs, and trendy artistic event centers. No matter where we are hosted, we can assure our sponsors and guests that the venue will be the perfect fit for each event. Our venues are arranged beautifully, with classy silent auction displays, cigar lounges, red carpets, and gourmet dinner buffets for our VIP as they dine and have cocktails to the classy tunes of Sinatra-style jazz.  An elegant setting, a night of action packed competition, beautiful ring card girls, and more than 500 of the city's A-List corporate crowd make Corporate Fight Night one of the hottest social events and advertising hot spots in the city.

The Celebrities – CFN has had a host of celebrities appearing on the shows as special guests, being found in our audiences, and even boxing on our shows! Darren Henson, RL from Next, and the iconic DJ Nabs have all boxed on our shows. Look for more competing celebrities on our upcoming shows. We have had some of the biggest celebrity names in boxing appear as special guests, including the entire 1984 Olympic Boxing team, known as the greatest Olympic boxing team in history. Evander Holyfield, Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, Tyrell Biggs, Mark Breland and the entire team came together on Atlanta CFN 3 for the first ever reunion of this incredible team. Our audiences have hosted Keri Hilson, Atlanta rap sensation Fatigue, and many other celebrities. Atlanta Corporate Fight Night is quickly becoming one of Atlanta’s hottest events.

Come watch family, friends, and colleagues putting it all on the line for the title of "champion" during three intense 2-minute rounds. See entrances worthy of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa! There may be blood, always sweat, and even some tears, but one thing that will certainly be seen is "guts"!  It’s Corporate Fight Night, one of the HOTTEST events in town!